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Quantum Physics, EFT and You. A new theory.

Quantum Physics, EFT and You. A new theory.

by Lunar Lady on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 7:18pm
     For those of you unfamiliar with EFT, it is Emotional Freedom Technique. I learned this amazing little modality when I was attending massage therapy school. It was offered as a continuing education class to address test anxiety as we were soon to be taking our certification test to finish school. I have to say that is some of the best forty dollars I have ever spent. I went in, learned a technique and left feeling that there was so much this could be used for. Yes, it can be used for cravings, addictions, negative thoughts, childhood traumas, fears and so on. So for years, I have been 'tapping out' anxiety attacks, hurt feelings, nervousness and many uncomfortable feelings.

     I have shown many people how to use EFT and was always rewarded by the expression of relief that would appear on someone's face as they think about a subject they no longer find as painful or disturbing. But, I wasn't satisfied to stop there. I love to push the things I've learned, see what more it can do and new discoveries blow my mind on a regular basis.

     Here is where the Quantum Physics comes into play. What we perceive is what we believe. It is also true to say that what we believe is what we perceive.  If you have ever seen the movie 'What the Bleep Do We Know', you have heard of neural nets and how they form. If unpleasant things seem to keep happening over and over again, almost like a pattern, could it be a neural net that is influencing thoughts? I'm thinking that a neural net set up in the brain lends oneself to be predisposed to negative thoughts and feelings. If 'like attracts like' and no matter how hard you try to concentrate and visualize good things happening, I believe a neural net acts like a giant magnet for more and more of the same.  Getting rid of a neural net would be the way to go. But how?

     For years of my life, I have studied books, spiritual teachers, been to retreats in the woods to learn amazing methods of healing and through all of those things, I have never seemed to "master" meditation. How does one quiet their thoughts when their mind is like a tornado of ideas, never stopping or slowing?! There was the rub. Well, recently, I have been trying all kinds of new things, pushing the boundaries of what I felt was in my power to do. In the midst of experiments in energy and potions in the basement, an idea occurred to me that I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of before. If EFT can remove blocks in your energy and lessen the emotional hold that a specific thought had on you, can it be used to free myself from a belief, or programmed way of thinking? Can EFT loosen the grip that domestication had on my being and allow me to do the things a spiritual being having a human experience, ought to be able to do?

     I LOVE questions! They lead to so many wonderful things.

     Questions lead to experiments. Experiments lead to discoveries. Discoveries lead to some pretty soft legs, enchanting perfumes to attract love or money and sometimes life changing 'tap-out' EFT sessions that make overcoming chronic thought patterns a heck of a lot easier than trying to force my mind to be quiet. Quiet is not my nature so I'm glad I stumbled across something that works for me.

     In the days since my experiments in using EFT to reverse long-held beliefs, I have personally experienced a more comfortable setting of my jaws, the evidence of having a son is lessening on my stomach, synchronicity is becoming so regular that I expect it and my life seems to be unfolding in a crazy adventure that has been just what I always wanted.  I say push the limits of what you know. Use the tools you need to help you achieve your wildest dreams. I'm not saying I have the right tools for everyone but the tools I have are pretty fantastic. If you know EFT, try it for everything. If you don't know it, there is information online and on youtube.

     If you are one of the ladies coming to my house Thursday night, I will be sharing it with you as well as my discoveries. It takes a short time to learn and it's so easy to use. If you have any questions, ask away.

Stacy Fisher
May 2, 2011

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