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What I do... The Experience

What I do... The Experience

Stacy Fisher LMT# 2012000912 
NCTMB Certified
  I would like to candidly talk about the work I do, with you.

[kan-did]  –adjective
1. frank; outspoken; open and sincere: a candid critic.
2. free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge; straightforward: a candid opinion.

     I did not go to massage therapy school to learn massage therapy. Why would you spend all that money to go to a school to learn something you weren't there to learn? Well I WAS there to learn about the body, how it worked, it's systems, everything. I wanted to learn. I wanted to know. A journey began when I was 17 that involved constant research on physical, metaphysical studies, quantum mechanics and so on. I can't learn enough! I was as fascinated by the atom as I was entire solar systems and even the combination of cells to make our incredible bodies. I learned a wealth of information in my schooling at PMTC.  But what I wanted to do when I graduated was something called Applied BioMechanics/Aquarian Age Healing.

     I do believe in massage therapy's therapeutic effects. It can help in lowering blood pressure, easing stress, calming the mind and body and so much more. I enjoy massage and I am not against doing it. I will offer massage as well as my other work. But when I really thought about what my life's work would be, what I would strive to perfect and what would define my career... Well, I wanted to do this really neat thing that I experienced one day, out in the middle of NOWHERE on Shiloh Mountain in Arkansas. What I experienced that day, blew my mind to the point that I HAD to learn it. Before that experience, I had no interest in helping people or healing or anything remotely similar.

     ~In this scene, you have a young Stacy Fisher, 18 years of age on a trip to meet a friend's friend who did something really neat he wanted me to try.~
     ~Stacy, after a session of Aquarian Age Healing (Applied BioMechanics) and Cranial Sacral together, with Ken Ladd:
         (Keep in mind, I was taking Kung Fu at this time and my body was WRECKED!)

Ken: How do you feel?

Stacy: Oh my god! I feel so... (I burst into tears)

Ken: (just stands back and lets me freak out a little bit)

Stacy: (Jumps off the table and with legs straight, puts her hands flat on the floor, so flexible after being so tight for  months! I start leaping around the room like a complete idiot. Hey, when you have been hurting for a long time and then, all of the sudden, the pain is gone, how could I NOT leap around like an idiot? I felt GREAT!)
"I can't believe how GOOD I feel! I have never felt this good. Is it POSSIBLE to feel THIS good?"
(insert more crying here)

   ~Time passes and we are walking on a trail on his property which is so beautiful that you wonder how we ever got away from living so simply and so satisfying.~

Stacy: " I HAVE to learn this. Please teach me. I will come out and work for you, I will help dig out the additional trail you were talking about. I'm a hard worker. I HAVE to learn this, I want to share this with people!"

Ken: "If you're serious, go get your massage therapy license and then I will teach you."

Stacy: "OKAY!!!"

~Then it was a goal that got buried under years of living irresponsibly and bad decisions. Hey, it happens.~

     Where my learning did not cease, it was pretty much kept to what I read in books and what I could find out through personal experimentation and experience.  Not with bodywork but with meditation, runes, dream work, hypnosis and so on.  Eventually, I find myself thinking about the future of a little girl. At the time, my career consisted of bar tending at a pseudo metal bar. It was very good times, but it was not what a mother could really say would benefit a daughter.

     I was going over my choices and I remembered that I wanted to learn what Ken did to me years ago when I was 18. I enrolled in PMTC, and graduated with quite a bit of  knowledge about the human body, it's systems, and how amazing of a machine it was. School had only made me thirst for more knowledge. I couldn't wait to find Ken and learn after all that time.

   After a bit of searching, I finally find his number and I call. He says' "That's so strange that you call now,  we are actually teaching one in 6 weeks."


     I go and I learn Aquarian Age Healing. It took six days to learn. In the morning, I would drive to class.  After class, I would drive back to Lost Valley and sleep in my van. The coolest part was right after class, I would hike into Lost Valley,  sit on some amazing rock, eat my dinner and study this mind-blowing work. Wonderful!

     One week after I learn it, I find out my Grandmother is having problems. She is experiencing a LOT of pain and no one can figure out what's wrong. She had been to so many different kinds of doctors and still no one had a clue. The options given her were steroids and exploratory surgery. So, I did what any loving granddaughter would do. I emailed her a lot of scary emails about steroids and the side effects. Then I begged her to let me try what I had just learned. This is what she said about it recently on my business page:

"My name is Rose and I live in Harrison, Ar. on are about July 2007 I was pretty much confined to my bed I had took different kinds of Med. and had therapy on my legs and back, could find nothing that worked and then I heard about Lunar Lady treatments Aquarian age healing, and after one treatment I was back to walking around the track as I have for years not been down like that again. THANK YOU LUNAR LADY!!"

     It is important that you know that Aquarian Age Healing is not some therapy where I do a bunch of chanting or praying or visualizing or any of that stuff. This is where I proudly state that  Aquarian Age Healing is 100% MATH. Strain has set up distortion in your body, causing your center of gravity to move so using a t square and plumb line, I figure out, with math, how to move your center of gravity back where it should be, causing YOUR BODY TO WORK TOWARDS HEALING ITSELF!

    Now as for candidly speaking about the work I do, as the person doing the work, and as the observers to the live demonstration I did recently, this is what it looks like when I am working on someone. Everyone is different but here are some examples.

     The person is face down on my table with a body support cushion under the hip bones and under the feet to unlock the spine and make room for the muscles to do what they need to do. I then hold the contact point that the math I did earlier, helped me to find.  Once I make contact, very light pressure, most don't even know that I'm touching them and have started to work. I can hear their breathing change as they are going into very deep levels of relaxation. It's almost as if the body is pushing the mind out of the way so it can actually experience REAL REST.

    Then I SEE muscles move under the skin. It looks really crazy, but it's like they roll under the skin. I can see muscles lift and get bigger, then slowly relax and become flat. I sometimes see the top half of the body almost shift to the side, then settle. I have seen arm twitches, toe twitches, the head lift then settle. I can feel the temperature of the skin change and sometimes even the color of the skin will change slightly.  Clients have had to move their head as it was no longer comfortable from the spine elongating and pressing into the head rest. Sometimes it feels like the body is lifting a bit and moving from side to side. It's crazy! That's what I mean when I say this is no massage. This is nothing like anything out there.

     So, yeah, what I do works. It's amazing and I love measurable differences. Measurable differences prove it works. What I mean by measurable differences is I take notes both before and after of the plumb line and t square results. I have also considered taking photos so you can chart your progress even more thoroughly. Am I licensed? Yes!  Do I carry malpractice insurance? Yes! Through NAMT.  Can I guaranty what results you will have? No, everyone is different. Your body continues to change for a few days, sometimes weeks after the work and sometimes you might be sore for those days or sometimes people immediately feel better. Your health is your responsibility and if what you have tried to use to feel healthy and to get rid of the chronic pain, isn't working, try what I do. It's a natural part of who I am. What I do works. Like a miracle.

                     ~What my clients are saying about Aqaurian Age Healing~


"My experience with this practice has been fantastic every time. Its an extremely relaxing, spiritual journey. Your back feels better after only a few sessions and it also gets you in touch with you subconscious."

"Thanks again for doing body work on me yesterday. The cranial sacral work was amazing and the applied bio mechanics felt great, I slept so good last night! Also the work you did on my face has made my skin feel so soft and healthy, I can't wait to do it again soon!"

"My name is Rose and I live in Harrison, Ar. on are about July 2007 I was pretty much confined to my bed I had took different kinds of Med. and had therapy on my legs and back, could find nothing that worked and then I heard about Lunar Lady treatments Aquarian age healing, and after one treatment I was back to walking around the track as I have for years not been down like that again. THANK YOU LUNAR LADY!!"

"I would like to thank you for treating me tonight, i am feeling better than i have in a long time without any back pains and aches anywhere, if anyone else is reading this and see's a chiropractor i recommend that you stop now and try Aquarian age Healing, It will change the way you think about the human body and it will make you feel better than you have in years, Thank you again :)"

"Thank you Stacy you made me feel so much better with the Aquarian age healing. my spine feels straight and my posture is much better, i have no pain in my back and my hip injury is not hurting today for the first time in years. Thank you so much i recommend it to anyone with pain."

"YO!!!! if you are having any kind of pain, or just want to feel better, you need to contact Stacy Fisher and have her work some bio mechanic magic on you! This is the second time she has worked miracles on me, and it is super cheap! do yourself a favor and contact her about a session."

"The Lunar Lady is a GODDESS!!!"

"I had a great session with the Lunar Lady last Thursday! Gentle, easy, and effectiveness all around! I already am standing up straighter and sleeping better! Not to mention the help with pain! I recommend these services to anyone who needs a break from Western medicine and wants real results! ♥"

"I too, had a session with the Lunar Lady last Thursday. I have been sleeping better and not waking up with the chronic back pain that i have become accustomed to over the years. If you have the free time and want your body to just stop hurting , go see the lunar lady you maybe surprised at the results you experience"

"Hey LADY!  Just wanted to say thanks for the body work you did....had lot of tenderness in my rib cage where you did muscle work day of but have to say after years of pain in my ribs/chest I have not had one since waking up the next day thanks so much! You healed me!"

"Everybody that knows me knows that I have been having trouble with my knee all my adult life. I stood on one leg cutting hair for around 30 years. And... doing that resulted in scoliosis of my spine. I have limped around, had injections that didn't help and x-rays concluding that I had advanced arthritis. At least ten years ago I hoped that I could get a knee replacement, but at the time they didn't want to do it because they said I was too young. This thing with my knee had nearly ruined my whole life. I became addicted to all kinds of opiates to try to continue to stay on my feet cutting hair which led to even more ruin. A little over a month ago I went to a therapist, Stacy Fisher, who determined that my "Center of Gravity" was off. With the slightest touch, she adjusted this. All my weight had been somehow shifted to my right leg early on, maybe in my twenties and that wore out my right knee so then the pain caused me to stand on the left leg with the right leg bent, I can't even explain how twisted and crippled I was becoming. Everything on my right side was giving out. My face even sagged on one side. Everything I tried to do was so much effort, even to take a step seemed like I didn't go anywhere. After Stacy worked on me I felt immediately different. With in 2 days I felt my right foot touch the ground in places that it had not for many years. In about 4 days I could start straighten out my right leg and a rhythm came back to my step. In 7 days I was running up and down stairs without pain. The muscle was nearly gone since for years I stood on my left leg. So I did experience a tiredness but nothing like the pain I had before. Now it has been a little over a month and I am still building the muscle but the pain and limping are gone. I am so grateful to Stacy and thankful to God for finding her. It seems a dirty trick not to have found her 20 or more years ago but I am guessing some people go on in misery the rest of their lives, or get surgery that doesn't really fix it. I had been around massage and chiropractors and other alternative health things but I had not heard of this. Truly amazing!!!"

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