Friday, May 18, 2012

Life after Facebook

     Good morning everyone!  It's been a while since I have written and with my recent departure from Facebook, there really has been no way to know what I have been up to... every second of the day. So I am here to tell you what I've been up to and how life has been treating me since I deactivated my account from 'Distraction Land'.

     The first thing I noticed when I left Facebook was the NEED to somehow update everyone on what I was doing, watching or listening to. It really forced me to remember a time when nobody cared what I was doing every second of every day and I realized that they still don't care. The ones 'Liking' and 'Sharing' my stuff were just like me; people wasting their time on a social networking site, when they could be out living or some such craziness.

     Another lesson that I learned when we broke up... Quitting Facebook is like quitting smoking cigarettes.  It's hard to do. It really is habit forming. How can a website have you so hooked that when you decide you want to cease using it, you think about it, long for it and try to justify reasons to reactivate your account. I mean, hell, they make it so easy! "We don't want you to leave. We love you. Anytime you wanna come back, just sign in with your email and password and it will all be right here, just like you never left. Come back, come back, come back..."

     Although it was hard and although I have wasted so many precious hours over the years, I stand firmly behind my decision to leave. Aside from the political reasons: i.e. That Facebook, ATT, Microsoft and a multitude of other companies support the bill C.I.S.P.A., a bill that would toss our Rights to Freedom of Speech and Privacy under the bus and allow us to be easily jailed, taken away from our families, all under the disguise of 'keeping us safe from cyber terrorism', there are other, closer to home, reasons.

     Since leaving the site, my time with my son has skyrocketed.  Not only do we get more time together but Mommy's not getting updates from it on her phone or Mommy isn't checking to see if anyone else thought what she posted was clever and Mommy is also, NOT getting upset and the endless parade of idiocy that one might experience on a site where everyone has a platform to state opinions, feelings, etc. Nope. Mommy is cuddling Dexter.

     Lunar Lady also has more time to make her house her dream spot. Since acquiring the time that Facebook has usurped, my work space is now my favorite space.  My home is clean and my laundry is, dare I say, caught up! But all of these time saving things aside, there is something even deeper that I have learned. Two things actually. We will tackle them in order of slightly shallower than deep and then 'Whoa, tread water' deep.

     People say that you can not effectively promote your business without social media. I bought into that for a very long time. I posted pictures of what I was inventing, posting interesting articles, having give-a-way contests and so on and so forth. Out of all that time spent 'arm-chair advertising' I got one client. I should say I got one session out of all that trouble. Did I build awareness? Sort of. What really happened was because it is just a social networking site, I would get a lot of messages from people who didn't value my time as being worth something and a lot of requests for free work.

     I joined the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce a month ago and have already had 5 sessions, all of which are now returning, regular clients. That's the power of Face to Face advertising. In one month of about 6 hours of meetings, I have out done HOURS spent trying to promote myself through Facebook. What a massive waste of time and energy! Whew!

     Now for the deep waters. Since leaving Facebook... I feel more like myself than I didn't even know I wasn't feeling like myself. I know that sounds confusing but stay with me. When I was a young girl of 18 to my mid to late twenties, let's say even before MySpace, I was outgoing, spontaneous and free to talk with people anywhere about almost anything. Over time I became less involved with the outside world and even farther in, I started to believe I was socially anxious. Since unplugging from social media, I am so much friendlier and likely to get in spontaneous conversations. I LOVE how that feels! I do like people and I do like interaction and the sharing of ideas in actual conversations spawned by spoken words. You don't have to 'Like' what I'm saying and if you don't, let's please debate it! I feel more like my young self, fearless and ready to go out in the world and make a place for myself in it. A real place, not a fake place where I'm just a character online. I am Stacy Fisher. I'm not

     Thank you for reading and taking the time to keep up with the Lunar Blog. I know it's been a while since an update but just know I'm happy, living life, building a successful practice/business and I'm more than alright. Feel free to email or comment. Have a wonderfully REAL day, everyone!!!

P.S. (I will be going back to land line June 7th. Yes, I know "It's an old technology" but I am sick and tired of my phone always going off. My number will be the same and you can still reach me to set appointments, talk and converse. But texting will be no more as well as constant email alerts. I'm really looking forward to it. The freedom from technology that I don't need is enriching my life in amazing ways. Thank you!