Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Realizations of Politics and Spirituality

   Good morning, all. Today is Wednesday, June 27th and I have already had quite an experience. First, it would require the telling of last night's events. Bear with me and know that where the beginning of this blog may teeter towards fear and negativity, it does come around and that is the experience of this morning that needed to be shared with you.

   Yesterday I had a great day at the office. I met some very amazing people and had wonderful conversations. I come home and find out that at that very moment, tanks were surrounding a part of St. Louis in a 'Martial Law' exercise to train in the event of a civil uprising.  Now the last time I checked, it was our duty as Americans to protect our freedom from enemies both foreign and domestic. It is our job as Americans, that if our government goes astray, we rise up and end a tyrannic, corrupt government and replace it with one that upholds the Constitution. Let me tell you what happened then.

   I filled with rage. I filled with a sense of dread. I read what Ron Paul wrote about it which can be found here.  He is the only candidate talking about it and asking questions.  Anyway, I got my shoes on, grabbed my friend Chuck, and we headed out to the streets to educate our fellow Americans about this training exercise. We encountered some who were enraged as well, some who where shocked and couldn't believe and there was one guy that had such a glazed over look of being brainwashed and he actually said, "I'd feel safer with the troops in the streets." My jaw hit the ground so hard, I can't believe it isn't broken.

   I feel good about what I did last night. I got involved. I educated people and I was educated in return. Here is where the line between right and wrong on a deeper level come into play.

   This morning I woke at 6:25 with a horrible feeling. I tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep. I was falling for the fear trap. I was feeling the fear of an oppressive government showing it's strength publicly and how it needs our own American brothers and sisters to carry out their illegal plans. I was afraid of the dissolved line between the local police and the federal government and I awoke with the fear gripping me so tightly that I was sure I would be sick.

   I did what I normally do when I wake up feeling twisted into knots by fear. I go downstairs, make a pot of yerba mate in the coffee maker, and 'Tap Out', or use EFT to begin to tap away the fear and anxiety.  Some of the key phrases that I was using to tap out the fear were "I am obsessed with politics... Politics has taken my focus from my life... I am afraid of my government... I am afraid I won't have the freedom to raise my children as I see fit..." The list went on. If you are familiar with EFT, you will know I wasn't reaffirming those things, it was necessary for me to use true feelings to break the neural net those thoughts had formed.

   I was still feeling nauseous and I was pondering why. Didn't I feel good about the action I took last night as an American? Should I turn away and not take part in the revolution of peace? Should I keep silent and only direct my thoughts towards those of what would make me happy?  I couldn't find an answer to this and so I sought the solace of my basement Lunar Lair where I make my products, listen to records and basically feel like a 17 year old in a room where worldly responsibility doesn't exist. I'm so glad I did because what I experienced was beautiful.

   I sat on the bed I have down there and I pulled my guitar stand close, just in case I was moved to play, set my yerba mate tea on the floor and 'Tapped Out' again.  After the third time of breaking down barriers in my mind I settled into some deep breathes and started to chant some mantras that, funny enough, I learned on You Tube. Check it out here . You might think chanting is funny but when you do it and in the right tone and you feel it vibrate your head and your chest, the energy is very real and it feels very good. At this point I just wanted to feel good.

   So, I am sitting there chanting and I don't remember actually making the choice but I just started saying out loud these things I was thankful for. I said, "I am thankful for people. I thankful for my family, for my children. I am thankful for my love." I said many things but then I said this. I said, "I am thankful for The World." My voice caught. Was I getting emotional? I said it again. "I am thankful for The World." I was choking up! I then said it louder and added words. I said "I am thankful for the world and everyone in it." I'm full on crying at this point! "I am thankful that we are all connected and that I get to share myself with everyone. I'm thankful that as I grow, we all grow as a planet!"

   I sat there and I thanked and I cried and I felt joy and extreme sadness and an all encompassing compassion for everyone and everything. And then I remembered a line I heard from the movie The Secret.  "What you Think about, you Bring about."  I don't want to bring about destruction and I don't want to bring Martial Law. So I got a big piece of paper and I made a list. It said this...

*I am so thankful and grateful for living in America in a free society.
*I am so grateful for my fellow Americans who hold Freedom and our Constitution in such high regard.
*I'm so thankful for an honest government, full of fairly voted for individuals who have our best interest in mind.
*I'm so full of joy to live in a country full of people who care about themselves, full of people that care about each other and who care so much for their families.
*I am so thankful and very grateful that I FEEL GOOD!!!

   I know that where some of these things are not a reality yet, I MUST visualize them. I MUST give them my focus if I want to build a better tomorrow. YES! I will take action. I will vote for Ron Paul as he is the only one speaking for us as American People and as a Sovereign Nation of  free Americans. I will educate my fellow humans but I will also NOT lose hope! I will not give up. I will LOVE YOU!!!!!! I will LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! I will show with my life that LOVE IS THE ANSWER AND LOVE WILL WIN!!!! I believe in us! There are more of us than there are of this small elite group that seeks to control and dominate our lives. I will stand beside you and I will love you and we will be strong, united and ready to lead our nation back to what our Founding Father's so wisely put into place.

   Thank you. That is all.

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