Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rain and the Triumph!!!


Before I get into the meat of the subject here, I just want to say that what I am writing about is completely true. This happened last night and it was the single most amazing night of my life, up to this point. What I experienced was so amazing and profound that I am a changed being. I would also like to state that I LOVE science and nature and how beautifully they work together to correct imbalances in the system. Let's get into it, shall we?

Yesterday was hot. The days before were hot and muggy, not to mention miserable. Reports on the news were telling us about fires raging through Colorado. Local burn bans were in effect and caution was high. The 'Government' was snidely saying to farmers, "Good luck growing without any rain." People I know who grow food from the land, had that look in their eyes of being at the mercy of a high jacked system of nature in which regularly applied chemicals and heavy metals, disrupt the natural balance of forces that determine weather.

            I have been studying Wilhelm Reich's work, his discovery of Orgone Energy and how it can be used to help us, the planet and much more. Please study about him so you can understand what I did with the materials I used. But for the sake of time, I'm going to move along.

 I had been studying his work with Cloud Busters and Orgone Accumulators. I had really wanted to make one. I was intimidated by the cost of the materials and it seemed like some far off future project that really needed to be completed years ago. Then I had an amazing thought. Wait! If it's organic and inorganic material, I bet I can whip something up to accumulate, ground and project to raise the vibration, clean the air and form water clouds to cool us and help wash away the chemicals. Here is what I did.


            I had some stainless steel plates that a friend gave me. There is my inorganic material. I had several so I would stack them as follows: one metal plate, one piece of cardboard (organic), one on top of the other until metal was on the top. On the top metal plate, I set a glass (made of sand, organic) of water on top of the metal plate. In the water, I happened to have a galvanized steel pipe, which Reich liked to use, and a big quartz crystal that I wrapped clockwise in copper wire that I had left over after some jewelry making projects.  On the metal plate, I also put hematite (grounding), amethyst (open the third eye, clarity and spiritual strength) and garnets (divine love) to help with the charging up of the device. Then I took more copper wire and I wrapped the end around the steel pole and the other around the end of a stick which was then shoved into the ground and other copper wires were then used to attach the steel pipe to surrounding river rocks I had from back home in Arkansas. We also took chalk and wrote on the porch how thankful we were for rain, along with drawings of raindrops. My friend added the Batman toy so Dexter could be part of this event while he was on vacation; my sweet son!!!

            I know this isn't how the original cloudbuster was designed and I know it's not the typical resin, copper, crystal chembuster mix but I wanted to do something with what I had and I used the basic principles.  The platform of steel plates and cardboard were accumulating the orgone energy from the air and focusing the power on the water, pipe and crystals. I think it was a pretty good experiment as I had all the basic elements in place, or so I thought, or was at least hoping. This is what happened next.

            As soon as everything was in place, my friend and I both noticed that we each had a slight headache and parts of our bodies that normally are sore or achy were definitely in our focus. My chest was having slight pains, as well as my left hip; all the places that bug me every day. The same was the case with my friend. We also noticed that the closer we sat to the device; the air seemed more oppressive and muggy.  We both began to sweat big drops, like when you sit in a sauna. What I also felt was a definite shift. There was a buzz in the air. You couldn't hear it but it was there.  It was in the air and in my head.  You could tell the vibration of the area was changing. It felt like the badness was being pulled out of me into it, as I assume that is what it was also doing to the air around us and in the sky.

            When we started there were big ugly, unnatural brown cloud formations in the sky. As it was set up and beginning to work, we noticed the ugly clouds were separating from the natural, pretty white, pink and fluffy clouds and in the distance a very deep, dark blue cloud was manifesting in what looked like a huge circle over Springfield.

We were discussing what we were feeling and seeing and my friend said, "I think it will be 48 hours" and I said, "I give it three. It will be raining by 11:00pm." There was a sure feeling growing inside as the affect it had on my body was so quantifiable.

I was standing in the kitchen when Chuck runs in, "It's raining!" At this time it was earlier than 11 but it was sprinkling.  It was very exciting. It seemed to go in these waves for a while. It would sprinkle, and then it would fade. You could smell the water on the air and it smelled like river water. Every time it would come back it would be stronger. Like it was building up and backing away; coming in stronger and backing away.

            Then it really started pouring. The rain was ice cold!  It was fresh and smelled so perfect; just like rain smelled when I was a kid. Real rain, brought about by nature, not scientists. The funny part was we kept checking the weather radar and they kept saying clear skies until after the downpour started and lightening was illuminating the skies and thunder shook the windows. There were no words to express my amazement.

   Then the best part happened...

            When my friends decided they had seen enough and either walked home or laid down to rest, I went back outside to sit by the device. I sat and thought about things I had been learning from Esther Hicks and how our thoughts shape reality. I thought of farmers and how dry their crops were. I then began to say over and over in my mind, "I love the world, there is enough for everyone" over and over. Then I began to speak it aloud and the lightening started again. I said it more rapidly and the rain began to fall fiercely. I turned my palms to the sky, allowing myself to be a circuit to add my own electricity to the device and I projected my strength as hard as I could push it toward my machine and I yelled "There is enough for everyone" and the rain was blowing up on the porch, soaking my clothes and making me laugh hysterically. I would breathe in and it would swell, I would breath out and it would come even harder. I then pictured all the nastiness and negativity in the world, lies and government and everything as FOOD FOR THE STORM so everyone could breath clean air and eat clean food because IT IS OUR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

   In demanding these things for my people, the rain grew even more and I felt something so big and so beautiful that I couldn't describe it. I'm sure it's what Christians and other religions call God.  I believe it’s what Esther calls Source energy or ‘being in the vortex’.   I felt it, I felt the power, reveled in the Connection, and I exclaimed thanks and gratitude for the pouring out of joy, abundance and healing.  I loved everyone and everything; extending myself to help feed the love so there would be enough for everyone.

   Then when I was shivering uncontrollably and my jaws hurt from chattering, I came inside and watched the storm from the windows.  I slept better last night than I have in what seems like forever.  When I woke this morning, I woke with such peace, and a feeling of gratitude. Perhaps the neatest thing of this morning was that I didn't wake up stiff at all. Normally I have pains in my hips, knees and ankles, but no pain this morning. I feel alive. I feel grateful and I feel so good!!!!

            The biggest lesson I learned last night was "Yes! You can manifest and create in this reality and it is easy to feel the abundance and joy of the Universe." We don't have to stand helpless while they try to destroy our planet, we don't have to be helpless as they try to lead us with fear. We, you and I, are powerful beings of creation and we can share ourselves and our love with each other to fix the wrongs; to leave something better for our children. It's really not too late. We the People of Earth can squash any tyranny of greed, corruption and filth with our belief, joy, love and gratitude.

   Thank you for reading. I love you all! I really do!!!!!!!